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The Greatest Wade Stringer On Earth!!
"Get Your Grind On"

It’s not the thrill of pulling in a record-breaking fish or the challenge of catching more than the other guy.


The Grind life is all about the pure enjoyment of standing waist-deep in gulf coast saltwater, watching the sun rise up and over the horizon, painting the water with oranges and reds.


It’s that feeling of anticipation as your rod dips on a redfish bite. But it’s also the feeling you get from being in the water, being part of life, even on the days you don’t catch anything.


But for those days when the rod does dip, when you can hardly keep up with the fish snagging your bait... we’ve got a few products created with the fisherman in mind.


That’s what the Grind life is all about. Whether your stringer is full or you leave the water empty handed, it’s the living of life that makes it the Grind.

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